Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thai House Express - San Francisco

The location of this restaurant is not exactly at the best part of San Francisco. Yet due to the high rating of this business on yelp I decided to put it as part of our SF food tour this weekend. Ever since our visit to Thai Town in Hollywood we couldn't find any Thai noodle that could come close to the one we tasted there.

I already decided to check out tom yum noodle soup (#56) and kao soy (#42) even before we got there. But then of course, hubby decided that he was extra hungry and needed more and threw in a rad na ((#65) too.

It didn't take long for the rad na to come out. Hubby put some pickle serrano and a dash of pepper and it was good to go. I used the small bowl provided to us and took some out from the plate and dig in. Noodle had the smoky flavor typical wok fried noodle. Noodle was wide flat fresh rice noodle. Taste was similar to the one in Hollywood Thai Town.

Then our waiter brought us my tom yum noodle. Btw, when the waiter took my order he asked for the degree of spiciness and I ordered it spicy. When I looked at my bowl I was amazed at the color and also the wonderful smell that came with it. One sip of the soup and I declared it a winner. It was seasoned just to my taste - perfect sweet, sour and salty. Soup came with minced pork, pork rind, peanuts and fish cake.

Using another small bowl I scooped my noodle soup and let hubby tried it. He also agreed that it was good. It was spicy alright. Just like what I ordered.

By then the last order came by. Our first try of Kao Soy - the northern style noodle with curry outside of Thailand. Hubby loved it when we went to Chiang Rai last time. We looked forward to trying this one out since it's been a while since we last time tried it. The bowl was so colorful - green lime, red bell pepper, purple onion combine with the yellow curry. I took a sip of the curry didn't want to mess up the pile of colorful combination. The curry was rich and flavorful with a bit of sweetness and not spicy. I let hubby mix them up and tried it out since it was his favorite.

All in all we'll be back for more. We found our Thai Town in SF Tenderloin.

Thai House Express * 901 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109 * (415) 441-2248/8038