Saturday, October 17, 2009

King Buffet - San Jose

**UPDATE March 8, 2010**
We passed by this place about a few months ago and it had already changed to Rejoice Buffet. Unclear whether it's just changed of ownership or what.

This restaurant actually had been around for at least 3 years if not more. We decided to give it a try because they recently put out a huge sign : lunch $6.99 and dinner $9.99. If they have been in business for that long, they must have done something right. Right ?

We went on Saturday. Their rate for Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays whole day is $9.99

Soups :
Hot and sour soup - excellent. Better than any other hot and sour soup I've ever tasted so far in either restaurant or take out place. Other hot and sour soup was merely sour and starchy with nothing much in the soup. This one actually contains salted cabbage and decent amount of tofu. It's not starchy at all.
Miso soup. Taste okay. Nothing special.

Sushi rolls :
Tofu skin wrapped. Didn't try.
Spicy tuna. Not spicy enough.
Vegetable roll. Has cucumber, avocado. It's okay.
Imitation crab roll. Nothing special.
All in all the rolls are okay only. Nothing really stands out. The rolls were huge so it's filling but a bit hard to bite unless you have huge mouth. :)

Seafood :
Oyster sauce clam. Good. Clams cooked with a bit ginger and oyster sauce. Very homely.
Salt and pepper prawn. Sweet prawn and very decent size. A bit hard to peel but worth it.
Coconut shrimp. Freshly cooked. Tasty. Could use a bit more sauce.
Cocktail shrimp. I never been to a place where you have to peel your own cocktail shrimp. :(
Steam crawfish. We didn't try.
Steamed sole fish fillet. I guess this fish needs a bit more soy sauce with chopped chilly to spicy it up. -- that's how we eat it at home.

Chicken :
BBQ skewered chicken was good. Though it could be better if it's barbecue fresh when we order.
Hot wing. Looked kinda old. Taste okay.
Sweet and sour chicken. We ate it without the sauce so it was just plain chicken. The sauce didn't look appetizing.

We're not red meat eater so we don't really look for beef when we were there. But come to think of it, I don't think I see any beef except for the stir fry beef with vegetables.

Miscelaneous :
Corn on the cob. Not sweet but I love corn. :)
Corn with shrimp. Looked like corn kernel stir fry with shrimp. We didn't try.
Fried plaintain. The taste was lot better than they looked. Sweet.
Dimsum selections. Not exactly their strength. Not too many selections and looked old.

Dessert :
Two types of jello. Strawberry and orange.
Different types of canned fruits. Mandarin orange, lychee and peach.
Fresh fruits. Orange and melon.
Pastries, cookies and mini strawberry roll cake. Cake was okay, a bit dry. Almond cookies not bad. Puffs tasted stale.

All in all they have many selections of seafood. You're going to like this place if you don't mind seeing prawns with their heads on. Or even crawfish that looked like mini lobsters. If you love crawfish, just pay $9.99 plus tax and you can attack those crawfish till you give up.

1051 Blossom Hill Rd
San Jose, CA 95123-1107
(408) 266-0688