Thursday, October 29, 2009

Take Care of The Young Lady - korean drama

Recently I started watching this Korean Drama 아가씨를 부탁해 /Agassireul Pputakae. The English translation is either Take Care of The Young Lady or My Fair Lady or Lady Castle.
Seo Dong Chan - an ex gigolo turned to be a butler for the heiress of the Kang San group Kang Hye Na. First his mission was to seduce her and get enough money to pay off his debt to the loan shark. He was instead distracted and couldn't accomplish his mission. On the other hand, Hye Na was attracted to young human rights lawyer Lee Tae Yoon. In between those three, came Yeo Eui Joo which Seo Dong Chan always treated as sister. Does Eui Joo turn to like Dong Chan ? You'll have to watch it yourself to find out.

The first few episodes were slooow. I almost abandoned it but then it got interesting starting episode three. I kinda not like the casting for Seo Dong Chan. Certain angle he looks older. Well, he is a lot older compare to the rest of the casts. He is still cute though for his age. :)

The girl that play Kang Hye Na - Yoon Eun Hey - was the same girl that was in The First Shop of Coffee Prince. But here she plays the spoilt rich lady which a few times I felt like smacking her myself. For a rich girl that lives in a mansion, her choice of clothing was incredibly awful. Or maybe it was just the way they tried to portray her personality ?

Anyhow, it's still entertaining to watch. Light and funny.