Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mandalay Noodle - Milpitas

The location of the restaurant isn't the best. If you're coming from 680 on Calaveras you will totally miss it. The time we saw it was only when we were on the opposite direction. But by then we were done with our lunch. So I told hubby that one day we'll come this way just to try that restaurant. And finally we had the chance last Saturday.

We got there late around 2:30 so we were the only one in the restaurant. I kind of know what to get from the reviews on Yelp. But hubby took a while so I picked another one for us. The lady that took our order offered us some appetizer. And she got lucky, I gave in and ordered samusas.

The samusas were good. They were different from the Indian ones I tasted before. These were freshly fried. They were not oily and the filling was not very curry-like. The dipping was tangy tamarind sauce. Interesting. I would prefer something spicier. But this is Burmese cuisine not Thai.

The ohn no kaukswe was a mild curry noodle. Very pretty looking with sliced of hard boiled eggs, red onion, fried shallot, fried striped wonton skin. The kawye kaukswe was noodle soup with bean sprout and gravy. For some reason I expected more like a noodle soup but it's actually thicker than that. And the shrimp paste in the gravy didn't quite go along with my taste bud. Minus the shrimp paste though it looked and tasted like the hokkien lo mien.
760 E Calaveras Blvd.Milpitas, CA 95035(408) 719-9199