Sunday, February 14, 2010

Getting attacked by fish at Fish Spa - Bali

One of the highlight of our trip this time is the fish spa. We first saw it on one of Travel Channel's episode about Singapore. Hubby has been talking about trying it out. I was more skeptical about it. The idea about tons of fish biting me just didn't appeal to me. Especially I had a bad experience of being bitten by fish before. No, I'm not talking about shark. But more about tiny fish. Don't under estimate those little Nemo though. The bite stung and caused me to bleed. And I never looked at fish same way again.
On our first day walking in a mall next to our hotel in Bali we came accross a sign that said Fish Spa. A few tourists were sitting on a made bench with their legs dipped in a calf deep clear water. Tons of tiny black color fish were crowding their legs. It's quite an eerie look. That night we told our parents and aunt/uncle. They were not a bit impressed. So the two of us went ourselves.

There were two ladies manning the pool. One of them seated us and immediately grabbed a wet towel to wiped my feet. Once I'm cleaned, she let me dipped my leg in. I asked if it's going to hurt. She told me no, just ticklish. With that information, I slowly plunged my feet in. While hubby was still being cleaned. All the fish were restless and immediately came and 'attacked' me. It's like being attacked by Tiny little fish chewing on your dead skin cells. That's how it supposed to be. Those fish fed on your dead skin cells and your skin is going to be smooth. That's how I felt and that's my conclusion as to why my feet were sooo smooth the few days after the 'treatment'.

For IDR100,000 (around USD11), the 20 minutes spa worth every minute.