Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Do you give christmas present ?

A coworker asked for my opinion. She and her family agreed on not exchanging christmas present this year. They don't have kids in the family and would like to change the family tradition of giving presents. So she went and told the boyfriend to not exchange christmas present. Boyfriend agreed. But her room mate told her that her boyfriend is going to get her something so she should get him a little present. So she wanted my opinion.

In my situation, my family never had a family tradition of giving presents. Heck..we didn't even get birthday presents. You get presents when you did well in school. That's it. It may sound harsh, but that's how we grew up. When I married, my husband started giving me christmas present so we exchanged presents for a few years. Until I called a stop to it. But this year I did get him a jacket. I didn't expect him to get me anything because I know we agreed on not exchanging presents.

So that's what I told my coworker. But she said that she would be upset if she did get him a little present but he didn't. :) My other coworker said that she should get a little something but hide until he presented her a present.