Friday, January 30, 2009

Vampire Analysis

I guess I have been reading too many vampire-theme books. Started last year with Twilight series (Bella, Edward and the gank). This year I started with Southern Vampire Series (Sookie Stackhouse) which was adapted into HBO series - True Blood. I am amazed as to how the authors came to shape their vampires.

Twilight :
1. Who says vampires sleep in the coffin ? Nope according to Stephanie Meyer. They don't sleep.
2. Vampires don't mingle with human. Human don't know their existence.
3. Vampires biggest enemy is werewolf.
4. If vampires want to kill themselves, all they need to do is messing around with the Volturi.
5. Vampires are not afraid of sunlight. They don't get burned by sun, they will glitter like diamond under sunlight.
6. Good vampires (like Edward and his 'family) live on diet of animals' blood.

Southern Vampire series:
1. Vampires sleep in the coffin daytime. If they're travelling, there are hotels that provide service to cater to their need to hide during daylight.
2. Vampires live among human. Though some human might not like them.
3. I haven't come up to any story about their biggest enemy yet. It could be their own kind.
4. Vampires that want to kill themselves can join fellowship of the sun. Basically they are going to expose themselves to sunlight.
5. Vampires will die under sunlight.
6. Vampires feed on synthetic blood and occasionally on human. There were some that feed on animal's blood.

Both authors do agree that vampires can move faster than human and have better reflexes. I bet you they make good athletes. :)