Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lulu's first half marathon

I've planned on running a marathon this year. It is my new year resolution. And I wanted to start it with a half marathon before I go for a full one. And finally today is the day.

I should say I've been bad. I haven't been training enough. In fact, I haven't really run 6-mile for quite a while. So you could imagine me trying to run 13.1 mile today! Believe me it wasn't fun, it was actually painful. I could have stopped half way, but I kinda underestimate the distance. I thought to myself, it should NOT be that bad if I just walked half of the distance.'s going to take forever, but I CAN do it. But on mile 9, I realized the next 4 miles is going to be extra hard.

I can say that I finally made it. Not a good PR (personal record). My first half marathon was done in 3:35. I just hope that my second one would be better. And hopefully I would do it in a better condition. Looking good when I passed the finish line. :)

Just starting at 8 AM - still very enthusiastic

This is how I looked towards the end - still 3 miles to go.