Friday, February 20, 2009

Say Adios to Puerto Vallarta

Our favorite radio station had a contest going on the last few weeks. It hadn't meant to be that long, I guess. It just turned out to be more difficult than it was first thought. They put five voices in a puzzle and the contestants' job was to unscramble them. During the first week of airing, nobody even bothered to call into the station. Everybody had no clue whose voices were those. It just sounded like a busy room full of people talking at the same time. I even thought that Mickey Mouse was one of the voices. :)

Then somebody called and made a guess and it started rolling from there. Last week and this week actually got pretty intensed as most people who called in got three out of five voices correct. And me and hubby were quite regular callers. :) Embarrassing I know. But the prize was too tantalizing to resist. It was vacation to Mexico, Puerto Vallarta. In this kind of economy, a free vacation brought out so many listeners that usually won't even bother to participate.

I actually had rehearsed my winning speech for the day we'll win the prize. Alas, someone else won it on Wednesday at 3:20 PM. When hubby emailed me the news, I was shocked. I couldn't concentrate for a few minutes. But..the best man won the contest.