Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Woke up this morning feeling so much rested than the rest one week. We came back last night from our road trip Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I don't usually have much trouble sleeping in a hotel but this time it's just different. I woke up feeling sleepy and totally tired. Probably spending too much time on the road and different bed just didn't help.

The first few days of our trips we got rooms at Best Western Monterey Park. It turned out to be a lot better than expected. We never been to this part of LA before. On our previous visit, Pasadena has been the spot we chose to rest. This time I chose Monterey Park because it's more economical. ha..ha..considering we have to get extra room for our guests.

In the end I actually liked this location the best. The room may be the smallest among the three locations we stayed but it had best upgrades. The blanket was not the usual hairy hotel blanket, it was actually a comforter like the one we use at home. The bathroom was small that it was hard to go in and close the door ..ha..ha.. but it was clean. Rooms had 32inch flat screen TV with HBO and some asian channels like Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese. And of course, complimentary breakfast is always appreciated. Since this location seemed to be frequented by Taiwanese visitors, they even provided tea eggs for breakfast beside the regular hard boiled eggs. Awesome.
Later we spent a night at Best Western Anaheim Hills. This BW location seemed to be pretty new. Rooms are bigger with more standard size bathroom. Microwave and a small extra kitchen sink was also provided inside rooms. This proved to be handy since that night we actually did take out and ate in our rooms. Swimming pool was a lot bigger, almost half the size of an olympic size swimming pool. It could be useful to do laps if only the weather was warmer because pool wasn't heated. Cable didn't exist here.

Last portion of our trip was Las Vegas. We got deals at Luxor and I was expecting the hotel to be the highlight of this trip. The three and half stars seemed to promise something better than just Best Western. But we made mistake by accepting rooms on fifth floor so there wasn't much of view from our windows. Tried to ask to exchange rooms but front desk said to try again the next day which we didn't. When we checked in the line was as long as the check in line at the airport.

Because of the shape of the hotel (pyramid), elevators were only available on each corner of the pyramid. And only certain elevators stopped on certain levels. It took us about fifteen minutes to find our rooms on the first day there. Later we found a glass tube elevator that nobody seemed to use but it was a lot more convenient to get up and down with it. So for the rest of our stay we used that elevator and we never met any other occupants of the hotel that use it. We even called it our private elevator.

Rooms we got were so basic, not even a coffee maker was provided. But of course, there were three locations of Starbucks in the hotel. TV had the most channels compared to Best Western we stayed. All in all, this hotel was my least favorite during this trip.