Monday, March 30, 2009

Northern Style Tom Yum soup

My out-of-town guests this time, my bro-in-law and his wife had been very generous to us. Beside giving us the excuse to take them touring So-Cal and Vegas, they also brought a new culinary experience for us. See, Riri, my bro-in-law's wife is a cook. Her family had owned and run restaurant in northern Thailand of Chiang Rai for over twenty years. We visited the restaurant years ago and still couldn't forget all those out-of-this-world dishes that were served there. Me and hubby loved Thai food but all this time could only do Tom Yum soup and green curry. My green curry was pretty authentic because Riri showed me on one occasion when I visited them in Canada. But other than that I always wish that I could do a few more Thai dishes.

Now my dreams had come true. This past weeks, Riri with the help of her husband had provided us some very authentic Thai dishes. I took notes and pictures and hoped that I could come up with the same dishes in the future. This is some of my notes.

Northern Style Tom Yum Soup
2 stalk lemon grass, bruised and cut about 2 inch long
6-8 lime leaves, torn
fresh galangal, about 2 inches, sliced
4-5 shallots, bruised
a bunch of basil leaves
5-6 red chili (thai chili)
2-3 deep fried dried red chili
Vietnamese vegetables (I couldn't remember the spelling now)
Fish sauce to taste
Lime to taste

Contents: white fish fillet and enoki (or other mushroom)