Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sony ericsson z750a, you're mine now

After so many sleepless nights, I finally decided on getting the sony ericsson z750a. I had been a Nokia user for as long as I could remember and I love Nokia. Talking about being fanatic. I haven't gotten any other phone from cingular yet since I signed up with them almost ten years ago. I bought my own Nokia through eBay two years ago but something changed within cingular that made my Nokia 6288 didn't perform as optimal as it could be when I first used. Some other user suggested me through the cingular forum to call them (cingular) to find out whether they changed their frequency but I thought it wouldn't help me that much. So I gave up my Nokia.

The Nokia that is offered by cingular right now was just disappointing so I had to settle with sony ericsson. I was actually excited about my new phone and couldn't wait patient enough for it to arrive. I almost drove wawa, my room mate, nuts about it by calling him every ten minutes asking whether my package had arrived.

Having had bought an unlocked cell phone before which came with handsfree, USB cable and even memory card made me expected as much of this sony ericsson. So I was totally disappointed when I found out that the box contained nothing but the phone, charger and manual book. So that was my first disappointment. And I was expecting to see some application that I had been accustomed to my previous Nokia. So there was another disappointment. Needless to say I was ready to pack it up and send it back. But wawa stopped me from it. I looked through the cingular website again and couldn't find anything that is better and cheaper than the one I have chosen. So i gave up. Sony ericsson z750a, you're mine now.

The reflective shiny mirror like surface made it hard to put my own cell phone picture in this blog. So I have to 'borrow' it from website.