Sunday, April 5, 2009

Banh Mi Che Cali - Alhambra

As we drove along Valley Blvd in Alhambra checking out the restaurants, we saw Banh Mi Che Cali that seemed to be busy and always has people walking in and out. Knowing that we'll be in the area the next few days, we told ourselves that we would have to check that place out.

The first time we went there, we got curry noodle, pho tai nam (noodle with rare steak), bun thit nuong (noodle with bbq pork and shrimp) and spring roll. I wasn't hungry that night so I shared the noodle with hubby and mostly just drink the soup of the bowl. Soup was tasty and wasn't loaded with tons of msg. Curry noodle came with lots of chicken but mild in flavor compared to like South East Asia curry. Bbq pork and shrimp noodle was huge in portion and flavorful.

We were pleasantly surprised when the bill came, the price for our meals was a lot cheaper than SF Bay Area. With that amount paid for dinner, we'd have money left for dessert.

Speaking of dessert, they have huge selection of dessert and also ready-made package food like spring roll, sticky rice, etc on the side. We didn't have room for dessert that night but we came back the night after to try it. And we went too late and they already ran out of a few things. Oh well. We'll be back.