Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bhan Kanom Thai - Hollywood, Los Angeles

If you happen to be in Thai Town, Hollywood, and still have room in your stomach after visiting any Thai restaurant there, make sure you stop by this place. It's located at Thailand Plaza in Hollywood. The name is Bhan Kanom Thai ( They specialize in Thai dessert. Dessert ?? Did anyone say dessert ??

They sell various imported Thai snack and also freshly made dessert like the crispy crepes (khanom buang). Honestly when we went there, I was so full that I didn't understand why my bro-in-law even wanted to check the place out. But then I saw them making the crepes there and I decided I HAD TO give them a try. Where else can I find them later if I missed that chance ?

The crepes itself was probably like ordinary crepes - crispy. The middle part I think was coconut milk and different toppings - orange and yellow. One was sweet and the other savory. I tasted smell like jasmine flower, but I couldn't quite sure what it was. It was good. Make sure you eat them hot or else they'll turn soggy later on.

Bhan Kanom Thai
5271 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323) 871-8030