Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cheapest way to clean your laminate floor....

and also very effective. All you need is a roll of paper towel, water, vinegar, sprayer and some muscle..just kidding. :)

I had this laminate flooring for almost five years now. The first few years I never really worry too much about cleaning it. It's dusty most of the times, I use a few layers of toilet paper that I attached to my dust mop. The toilet paper picks up all the dust and hair also occasional crumbs and sand. Then I just throw away my toilet paper and use my handheld vacuum to clean up the rest of crumbs and sand. But I noticed lately that the floor started to pick up foot prints. We don't have pets, so it's more like grease or dirt from human foot prints. I didn't really want to spend money on some floor cleaner not knowing whether it's going to work out. Not to mention whether it's going to ruin the shine of the laminate. Looking it up online, I found suggestions to use combination of half water and half vinegar.

So getting off earlier from work today, I got to work. Got on my knees and spray the water vinegar mix. Pick up my kitchen towel and just wipe the moist away. Laminate floor should not be left wet or moist. So make sure all the moist is wiped away. I was satisfied with the result. Best of all, there's no chemical smell. Yes, there's smell of vinegar, I open our back door and windows and the smell went away as soon as I was done.