Thursday, April 16, 2009

Savoy Kitchen - Alhambra

Found this restaurant last minute before leaving San Jose on our trip. Was surprised to know that there's a Singaporean restaurant in Alhambra. At least that's what it was categorized under on Almost all reviews were positive and almost all of them were raving about the restaurant's specialty which was hainamese chicken rice.

It wasn't hard to convince hubby to check out the restaurant because he is a hainamese chicken rice biggest fans. It's rather hard to get our guests because one of them is a noodle afficionado. I wasn't sure whether they serve other stuff. But our guests gave in and so we went.

We couldn't find the restaurant on our first round. On the second round, I asked to be dropped a few doors down so I could look at the number one by one. Savoy Kitchen is a small restaurant. Inside holds about 4 tables that total seat about 12 people. They have a few more bar style seatings and around 5-6 tables by the road side. Even though it was quite chilly but a lot of people actually preferred to sit outside. So we had no problem getting in because they had enough seats left at the bar.

Looking around I saw a lot of people ordered chicken rice so without thinking I chose chicken rice. Beside chicken rice they serve a few other pasta dishes. My guest ordered pasta with marinara and roast chicken.

Chicken rice had a good portion of chicken and rice. It also came with the ginger garlic chili sauce. But unlike in Singapore, it didn't come with the soup. Soup can be ordered separately at a price of $1.99. None of us ordered soup so I can't really comment on that. The rice itself was a bit salty and greasy for me. The chicken was boneless but unfortunately a bit fat so I had to try to remove the fat that was hidden between the meat. The chili sauce was pretty good but it looked like it had been thickened with corn starch. Interesting.

Well, I know it was not easy to find good hainamese chicken rice here in the US. So far it had been quite a challenge. It's almost like a quest. We went to quite a few Malaysian restaurant and always tried to order hainamese chicken rice. None of them quite up to par. It's tough especially when we always compare it to the one in Singapore.
The roast chicken with pasta was okay. Nothing special with the chicken nor the pasta with marinara sauce.
Savoy Kitchen
138 E. Valley Blvd.Alhambra, CA 91801
(626) 308-9535
Closed Sundays. Cash Only.