Monday, April 27, 2009


Author : Carol Higgins Clark

It's a Jack and Regan Reilly mystery series. It's my first time reading this mystery series so I have no expectation. I only knew it's a new book by Carol Higgins Clark and I always look for new books to read.

Story was based on the night when New York City had a blackout. Lorraine Lily, a promising actress who just came back from London and found out that her husband was divorcing her and had sold their loft to their neighbor. Lorraine had a secret safe in the loft where she kept very valuable letters that can destroy her career if fell into wrong hands. Georgina Mathieson a disturbed girl that was trying to find a prey to revenge on. Her boyfriend dumped her for her room mate and ever since she had gone around to find guys that looked like Huck, her boyfriend. Georgina would then drug them and brand them on their arms.

Jack and Regan Reilly were the new owners of the loft. Wally was one of the contractors that was working on the loft already found out about the secret safe and had hired his friend, Arthur to break into it. Lorraine, Georgina, Wally, Arthur and others found their way into each other during the blackout. Will Regan able to stop Georgina before she hurt another victim ?

I found out the novel was easy to read. The mystery was light and not as heavy as like Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch. I would look for this series again if I see another one in the future.