Thursday, May 7, 2009

Boston PIzza - Burnaby, Canada

This is the one outside Metrotown. We stumbled upon this place during our recent visit. That night we didn't order much. The three of us shared two types of appetizer - calamari and appie platter. We were going to get the yam fries with chipotle dip but they ran out of it. Was it really ran out or they just didn't have it ? I found it almost impossible to actually ran out of it because it was Monday night and they weren't even busy at all.

Anyhow, we all had dinner already and was just looking for a place to sit, drink and chit chat. It was a nice place because it wasn't busy at that time. Our order came pretty quick. I had hope for the calamari because I haven't had it for quite a while but it turned out to be so so. It tasted typical of those sports bar, nothing special. The appie platter was suggested by our waiter as the replacement for the yam fries. It was a huge platter with wings, cheese toast, potatoes, fried pork ribs and cactus dip. I actually quoted the dip from the boston pizza menu. I didn't think it looked or tasted any different from ranch dressing. I only tasted the cheese toast, which I liked because it was cheesy enough. :) Chicken wings - nothing special.

My companions order beer and tea while I ordered hot chocolate. My hot chocolate was a disappointment. It was very sweet and tasted like hot chocolate that came from those instant hot choco package. I think I can do better than that at home. But it's forgiveable considering it's a sports bar and not starbucks.

It's a nice hang out place providing it wasn't very busy. It's also a good place for family night out I suppose. Food quality I say two and half star out of five.