Friday, May 8, 2009

Chong Qing Szechuan Restaurant- Vancouver, Canada

We were invited to dinner at this rest by hubby's side of family. When I heard of the area I wasn't too excited about it. We've been to another restaurant in the area and let me just say it's not the best area in town especially after dark. But knowing that we will be going with my bro-in-law and wife made me felt better. Walking along Commercial Rd and seeing stores with bars on their windows gave you the idea what kind of neighborhood it is. We saw a bunch of people just kind of loitering around the skytrain station after dinner.

Restaurant was surprisingly crowded on Sunday night. The reservation that my sis-in-law made was crossed out because we didn't arrive in time. Nobody was there yet, we were the first to arrive and we actually rushed there from hubby's small reunion. We tried to contact my sis-in-law but didn't get anybody so we wait outside. And voila they were just walking to the restaurant. I actually thought it was going to take a while to get us a table, but then we were seated almost immediately. That's very nice.

I looked through the menu but decided to let my sis-in-law order since she has been quite a regular with the restaurant. She said there's another branch of that restaurant that open in West Vancouver where they live. The first order that came out was wonton soup. It was okay, could go better with noodle on the side. Second order was minced pork on lettuce leaves. Nice and refreshing from the lettuce and also crunchy from the fried vermicelli. Fried noodle and fried rice were nothing special, typical Chinese restaurant. Sweet and sour fish was also not special. The house signature dish was ginger beef. It tasted more like fried beef jerky. I remember my mom used to buy beef jerky that tasted like that. My mom usually just pan fry them, while this one was deep fried so it was a bit crunchy. I guess when they said ginger beef, they meant the spice used to make the jerky, because I couldn't really tasted any ginger on the dish itself.

Another specialty of the house was spicy green beans. This turned out to be pretty good. Crunchy green beans with spicy garlicky sauce. Not very spicy that can kill you but just a hint of heat on your tongue.

All and all a two and half star experience. A few things could have been spicier, the ginger beef and the green beans. I guess it depends on what we order we could have experience a better Szechuan cuisine which supposedly spicy.

Szechuan Chong Qing Restaurant
2808 Commercial Dr (at 12th)
Vancouver, BC. Canada