Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hold Tight

Author: Harlan Coben

Harlan Coben name's wasn't new to me. I've read Harlan Coben's other novel - The Woods that was a best selling novel. Hold Tight started with a lady- Marianne that was murdered. There was no mystery, readers were let known who the killer was. But the mystery was the reason behind the murder. On the next chapter Tia and Mike Baye were contemplating on spying on their son, Adam. Adam has turned into a very quiet child and even quit playing hockey a month after his friend, Spencer Hill committed suicide. The Baye's neighbor, The Loriman's son, Lucas is fighting for his life looking for a suitable organ donor. Reba Cordova, a regular house wife that leads a regular life was reported missing by her husband. Joe Lewiston, a good school teacher made a mistake and said something he shouldn't have to one of his student. The connection between all these characters?? Be patient Grasshopper and you'll be rewarded.

This novel just like The Woods is so unpredictable. On one side readers didn't have to solve the puzzle of the murderer. But, the author made you wonder where is this leading to. In the beginning, it seemed that each of those incidents and characters were just standing alone. But as you go into the novel, the author revealed each of them one by one and reader started to be wowed. And in the end, they all just fell into one big picture. It's one huge puzzle solved.