Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just another two months

Starting this week I'm telling myself to run more often. I'm the lazy-always-looking-for-excuses- type of runners...hmm I'm not even sure whether I could call myself a runner. But if I want to do my San Francisco marathon I think I should push my butt and start training.

Last weekend I saw this documentary on PBS about the Nova team. This team was formed of about twenty ordinary people. These people were not runners. They have never run in their lives. They were put on a ten-month period training. Ten months. And here I am only two months left and haven't even started my training yet. Okay, I run before I told myself so I am somewhat ahead of them, slightly. BUT two months before their marathon they were already running 18-20 miles. Hik..hik..and I'm still on my 4 miles. :(

Today I ran a slightly longer one - eight miles. And I planned on increasing the mileage in weeks ahead. Hopefully I would be able to complete my SF marathon.

To watch the PBS program that I mentioned above.