Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lulu is planning on a trip to Japan

The trip itself is not going to be until next year. ha..ha.. But it's exciting to even think about it. That's what happened when your job is mundane and you need something to look forward to.

Right now I am just doing a rough planning as to which cities to visit. We only going to have one week, so I limit ourselves to three cities, Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. I haven't really looked into the details of each cities, but we have been to Tokyo before (only for a day) so I think two days in Tokyo should be enough. But that's just my preliminary research.

Yesterday I looked into the railway system and tried to understand how the train system works. I also looked into the ryokans - Japanese traditional inns. They are quite expensive compare to regular hotels. Well, hotels in Japan are not exactly cheap but I guess staying in ryokans eventhough a bit pricey it's worth the experience.

A coworker of mine is going to Japan this summer so I was hoping that he would answer a lot of my questions when he comes back. ha..ha..He told me he was able to find some quite cheap hotel. So I expect to get some input from him when it comes to accomodation.