Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pho Phi Long - San Jose

Haven't been to Grand Century Mall for a while, so this weekend we decided to give it a visit. We noticed that the empty lot next to it that supposedly will be Vietnam town (or something like that) has already had something going on. Hopefully soon we could go there to try some Vietnamese food.

We were not sure where to it today so we were looking at those photos outside Pho Phi Long which is just next to the food court. Suddenly a guy next to me pointed to the cha ca la vong (fried fish dish) photo and asked me to try that. Turned out that he actually worked for the restaurant. I told him that we tried that before. Seeing his effort to lure customers, we decided to give it a try. He ushered us in and pointed us to an empty table and showed us the menu. I have already decided which one I wanted to try based on those photos I saw outside the restaurant. Yup..for those non-Vietnamese like me, photos do help a lot. Hubby decided to go with the regular seafood pho. Last minute I decided to order a dish called crispy shrimp cake. I don't remember the exact name but it was #54 !

The restaurant was pretty packed at that time, but our order came out quite fast. It wasn't really a problem anyhow because I was mesmerized by the huge LCD on the wall that was showing a girl singing on stage with many background dancers.

My order came out first. It was pho ap chao ga which was basically fried rice noodle with chicken (or beef or seafood depends on order). It looked very nice with a few cilantro on top on celery/carrot/onion inside. One bite into it I like the smoky flavor that comes with typical fry noodle that we couldn't achieve at home. Not unless you have a big 1000 BTU burner. And if you do, make sure you fry your noodle outside the house. ha..ha.. The noodle was the thin type rice noodle so they need to use a lot of oil to prevent it from sticking. End result it was pretty greasy. Other than that I actually like the flavor. But if I do order it again, I would go with seafood because chicken just didn't do well with the noodle.
Hubby's seafood pho was the typical fare. Nothing stands out, but it was good nonetheless since it's our soul food. In fact, that was the first thing we looked for when we got back from our Vancouver trip recently. :) But I still think the Pho Nam seafood pho is still the best.Our supposedly appetizer - crispy shrimp cake came out last. Hubby was pretty sure that they forgot about it. But then it showed up so we gladly took it. One bite into it I know that I had it before. My mom made something like that before. The restaurant actually served it on a bed of greens (mints, some Vietnamese veggie, and lettuce). BUT for the price of $6.95, it is a bit steep.

Pho Phi Long
Grand Century Mall
1111 Story Rd #1007
San Jose, CA 95106
(408) 282-1666