Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Seoul Jung and OEC Sushi

These two are just a few vendors inside Lawrence Food Court located on El Camino by Lawrence Expressway. We found this place accidentally recently on a day we were looking to check out the pho place across from the plaza. We haven't been here for a while and was surprised to find out about a food court and decided to check it out.

There were maybe around 6 vendors inside this food court and you can tell that they pretty much specialized in Korean or Korean influenced cuisine. They all have menu on pretty lighted board just like in the fast food place. Some of them offered special. I chose one of the special from Seoul Jung because it looked delicious. I seriously had no clue what it was other than some sort of stew/soup.

My stew came with a purple bowl of rice. It was mixed rice with brown rice (?). There were a small amount of banchan came with the order. It's just kimchee, potato, bean sprout and something that looked like dark color jello and tasted like one. The stew itself had some sort of dried vegetable, enoki, clam and green onion. The stew had a familiar taste of anchovy (?). I wasn't too sure what it was, it could be bean paste stew. But whatever it was, I enjoyed it and so was hubby. Hubby's mom cooked soup with similar dried vegetable before. My order cost about $8 including free self serve water/tea.

Hubby ordered a combo udon and sushi roll from OEC sushi next to Seoul Jung. The sushi was arranged nicely on a small dish presenting all different color. The udon was probably just half the size of the regular size portion. The sushi was freshly made so that was a plus. It wasn't cheap though. The combo cost about $9 after tax. It came with free water/tea, self served.

I hope the food court will last a while. I still want to go back and check out other vendors. It's too bad that we don't have this kind of food court more at other places. I am tired of seeing McD or Panda Express.
Lawrence Food Court
3561 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95051