Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wat Buddhanusorn - Fremont

Found this place accidentally on yelp a couple of days ago and couldn't wait to go and check it out. You never know, it's a temple after all, so they could just stop selling food one day like the one in LA. Better try it before it got closed down.

We weren't sure what time exactly it starts but people talking about going there for lunch. So we figured, go earlier and beat the crowd. We got there around 11 am and was surprised to find out that the main lot was full. It wasn't that big of a lot. Probably fit like ten cars. There is another lot next to the temple but was behind some houses. If we didn't follow the car in front of us we would think it was someone else's house.

There is a passage from that grass lot to the temple. We saw tables lined up with people behind that looked like were waiting for something or somebody. Each of them had their bowls and when we got closer some even brought their rice cooker. Not really ready to just attack the food stalls, we decided to just stand there and see what people are doing. Soon it was apparent who those people were waiting for. We saw a line of monks coming out of the temple. Each of them carried a brass metal bowl. They then went to those line of tables and people behind the tables scooped their rice and put it in the metal bowl. Then the monk will go to the next person and so on.

After that process was done. Everybody moved away and the tables were cleared. The monks then lined up to go to a gazebo that was set up outside the temple. Earlier we noticed some volunteers carried dishes there. There was a big cooler set before all the dishes. Those monks then poured some of their rice in the cooler before they proceeded with the dishes. Later on all the volunteers went and shared those food. We regretted not going over there and checking those food out. :) Food for sale can be purchased with tokens. So we exchanged $20 worth of tokens. There were BBQ pork with sticky rice, pad see ew, green curry, minced pork salad, two types of noodle soup. Then of course some dessert like mango sticky rice and some other dessert that we don't know the names. We got pad see ew and noodle soup. Washed it down with Thai ice tea. Then picked up a sticky rice dessert with custard. Before we left, hubby decided that we should have the papaya salad to go. He made sure that it was spicy.