Sunday, June 21, 2009

Achieving new high...

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My marathon training reached a new milestone today. I finally broke through the 12 mile distance. For once I actually did a 15 mile ! It didn't come with smile and victory though. It was more like pain and suffering. ha..ha..It wasn't that bad actually. I started early in the morning around 7 am. Planning on finishing it by 10:30 but it took longer than that.

The distance was more like 17 miles, but I only covered around 15 mile by running and the rest walking. Didn't plan on going so far but due to the triathlon that was held that weekend it drew more runners on the trail. So me and hubby had to go further out of their way.

I completed around 13 mile running and thought I would just walk the rest of it. Walked for one mile and started shuffling my legs. First very slow, just slightly faster than walking, slowly faster and faster. First I felt my legs were very heavy, slowly I could actually picked up my speed. Soon I was running with my normal speed again. It felt good.

San Francisco Marathon. Ready or not, I'm going.