Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pho Kim Long - San Jose

Pho Kim Long probably doesn't need another review from me since they were already so very busy. If you're going on weekends, get ready to wait if you arrive between 12 to 1. Don't worry about the wait though, they are very good at getting the line moving. Our average wait there has been around 5-10 minutes.

This time we got there about 15 minutes before 12. No line at all. There were a few empty tables. We were seated in like 5 seconds. Me and hubby ordered the same thing, rice noodle with seafood combo (I think it was #21). Their seafood combo is the best value you could get in the market. Plenty of noodle and huge prawns, beef meatball, shredded chicken breast meat and sliced of pork. Imagine all the meat you could imagine and they are all in your bowl. Same as always, we got our bowl of noodle in 5 minutes. Hot and ready to be seasoned to perfection.

As we slurped our noodles, people started flowing in. When we left around 12:15, there were a small line outside. But it's no problem, our table was ready to be used even before we left. The people there were so efficient, as soon as they sensed that you're done with your bowls, they came and whisked them away. I don't have problem with that at all. It feels just like in Asia minus people waiting by your table. Seriously, back in Indonesia, we frequented this noodle house that was always busy and people would just wait by your table if you're showing signs of finishing your meal.

Pho Kim Long
2082 N Capitol Ave, San Jose, CA 95132