Monday, July 20, 2009

Cuisinart .... cuisinart

Haven't had coffee for a few days now. Our coffee machine that we bought from a year ago just decided that it wanted out. It wasn't quite a big surprise for me. The last few weeks it had already showed sign of fatigue and would just stop working for no reason. After googling for the antidote I found out several other people who experienced the same situation. Thank God for Google I was able to revive my coffee machine. But apparently it was a temporary situation and it gave up finally.

I was saddened by the sudden loss but more angered by the maker. I trusted the parents, Cuisinart. They are well-known brand, not just some weird brands like West Wing or Top Kitchen that you never heard of but yet you bought it due to the price. In fact I had a food processor of the same brand that I've been using for almost ten years now.

I went back to Google again. Looking yet for another solution. A few people suggested calling manufacture and asked for repair under warranty. I decided to give it a try, after all the warranty was for three years.

The customer service rep told me that it's going to cost $10 to ship a new unit and ship my old one back to them. Having done my homework (read your manual book before hand !!!) I knew that for CA residents there should NOT be any fee.

BUT the CS rep told me that they were currently out of the same style. I wonder WHY... She gave me two different styles. I wasn't ready to make decision right there and then so I asked to call back.

From reviews on Amazon (I just love those reviews) I was enlightened on what kind of evil that was facing me in the form of the coffee maker. One model was reviewed as caught on fire while plugged in ! The other was reviewed as leaking coffee. And believe me I did read through tons of reviews. If ten people said the same thing I wouldn't even try to challenge their reviews. So that put me in a tough position. Leaking coffee maker or smoking coffee maker ?? I guess I rather risk the chance of mopping leaking coffee everyday than burn down my kitchen.

So ten days later I received my replacement coffee maker. So far it's been working fine (knock on wood).