Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hunting for running shorts

Being a newbie in the running world, I only managed to have one running shorts so far. Yeah, I have been running for a few years now, but I never thought of having a 'real' running shorts. My shorts all this time was more like regular cotton shorts.

When I turned serious a few months ago, I decided to go get ones. My first ones was from Target. Nothing fancy, but worked very well. It's basic shorts with white strips on both sides. I wanted ones like my hubby. He had a few from Nike and New Balance with pockets. I figured having a pocket will help me keep my belongings like banana on my long run. Nah..more like keys and gels to keep me power up.

I know that those shorts could be pricey. That's why I haven't thought of having ones yet. The Target ones didn't count because they were basic. Nike ones could run from $25-$35. So I started from discount shops like Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshalls. :)

Getting closer to the M(arathon) Day, I felt pressured to get ones at full price. No more fooling around, I took hubby to a local sports store. There were like ten thousand options available. Even Nike alone offered like ten different running shorts. My first round, I took a pair of Nike and two pairs of Aspire. The last brand I actually never heard of before but the price were more affordable, running between $17-$25. Some were on sale due to Independence Day so they were around $12-$20.

I liked one of the Aspires, but they were too basic. They came with pocket but no style at all. Not even a strip on the side. :( The other pair of Aspire were not bad but the inside under garment shaped like boyshorts instead of bikini. I didn't quite like the feel. The Nike ones make my thighs look 'strong'. I learned something new, the style that flattered me and the ones that don't.

We went like that for the next half hour. I tried ten pairs of shorts. The last ones were the most expensive from Under Armour, cost about $35. It's way above my budget. I like the style but not the price.

Feeling defeated I was getting ready to leave. Still not quite happy with the result, I circled the Nike section once more. I pointed the mannequin and told my hubby I haven't tried those shorts. He said yeah you did. I said no, see this cut here, I pointed to the bottom of the shorts. This is the style that looks good on me. I should try these.
So yeah..I finally got my shorts. Yiipee.

Note: I wasn't promoting Nike products nor did I get paid to write this. :)