Friday, July 10, 2009

Smoke Screen

Author : Sandra Brown

What do you do when you woke up in the morning and found a dead person sleeping next to you ? That's what happened to Britt Shelley, a Charleston reporter. The person happened to be a local policeman that was considered a hero. To make it worse, Britt didn't remember how she got there or what they did before she woke up naked.

First she assumed Jay Burgess, the policeman was just happened to die next to her since he confessed to her that he is dying of cancer. Further police investigation found out that Jay was actually murdered. Having been found next to him made Britt Shelley a suspect. Police didn't believe her, nobody did, but one person. Only Raley Gannon believed that Britt was telling the truth. The problem was Raley was outcasted years ago due to Britt's reporting of his incident and he didn't easily forgive and forget. Did Raley find Britt to revenge ?

I like this book. The story line moved easily. I got involved in trying to solve the mystery myself. A few part made me think that the author let out too obvious clues. Or I thought those were clues. I was pretty sure I got the suspect and it got twisted to a totally different ending. Very interesting and worth reading. I will try to look for other books by Sandra Brown.