Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Series of Unfortunate Events

I have my plan lay out today. Stopped by the radio station to pick up my tickets/voucher to the Monty Python's Spamalot and then train station to pick up hubby. I won the tickets a week ago but haven't had chance to pick them up yet. By the time I picked up the voucher I was surprised to know that the voucher was for the show that same night. I were to pick up the ticket at San Jose Convention Center and the show was starting at 7:30. I called hubby and he was still in San Francisco ! And where the hell is San Jose Convention Center ??

Seriously at that moment I wish I had one of those smart phones. I called my bro in East Coast - no answer. I was going to have him look up Google for me. :) I flipped through my address book and found another friend. Finally I got the address and was about to get going. Hubby called back. He said he believed his train just hit a car. What ??!! Are you for real ? Anybody injured, I asked. He didn't know yet because nobody around him seemed to even realize it. He'll keep me posted meanwhile I'd try to go pick up my tickets and see whether they could change them to tomorrow night show instead.

Hubby called after five minutes. The train conductor just confirmed the accident and the train stopped somewhere in Redwood City now. He didn't know yet how they were going to transport the passengers.

I finally made it to San Jose Convention Center based on the address given to me and my good old paper map. Talking about technology. Who needs those ? There was nobody around. No lines out the door even though I was prepared for that. I was looking for anybody to ask when I saw the posted working hours. Crap ! They closed at 5 pm and I looked at my cell phone. It was 5:07. Great. Now what ?

We made it home around 7 pm. Had we had the tickets for that night performance, we wouldn't be able to make it. Later we found out that the driver of that unfortunate car died instantly. He stopped for the emergency vehicle and the train ran into him. Why didn't he notice the signal for the coming train? Nobody had the answer to it.