Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Style - Korean Drama

Last week when I was home alone, looking to start a new series of Korean drama I stumbled upon Style. I wasn't gonna watch it because it is still showing in Korea that means it's going to take a while to show up one by one here. I hate not be able to watch it continuosly. By the time you wait till the next episode out you forgot what happened the last episode. But I gave it a try anyway because of Ryu Si Won. I liked him so much in Wedding (with Jang Na Ra). They made such a cute couple. You can see the chemistry between two of them.

Ryu Si Won didn't look as cute as he was in Wedding. Well, Wedding was produced in 2005. Hey..people do get old. Ryu plays Seo Woo Jin - a macrobiotic chef that just came back from New York. The other characters were Park Gi Ja - the fierce editor of Style magazine, Kim Min Joon - the photographer and also Park's lover, and the emotional Lee Seo Jeong - the assistant girl that wanted to be an editor.

The story line goes around the cat fight for the position as Chief Editor of Style magazine and throw in a bit family feud. We get to see how a magazine is produced from searching for articles all the way to getting it printed.

As not all episodes are out yet I don't know whether I'm going to continue watching this. I can't quite handle watching Ryu Si Won wearing his bright blue suit with white pants no matter whether you call it designer clothing. Or watching Park (the editor) wearing weird clothing in the name of fashion.