Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christmas shopping deals don't start on Black Friday anymore

Not having much to do on Thanksgiving Day, I went and check my emails to see what kind of deals available on my inbox. Having sign up on certain website and also shopped online in the past, I get emails every now and then (or almost one every other day). :)

These are just a few samples of deals I found today :

Just a few points to remember :
- When you shop online, set up an email account just for the purpose of shopping online. So you won't get bombarded with too many emails that you don't want filling up your main email account.
- Check your emails for any deals - don't just delete them.
- Compare deals for almost similar items. Some place may offer discount, some may offer both discount and free shipping. :)
Happy THanksGiVing and HaPpy SHopPing !