Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pho Nguyen - Milpitas

Our comfort food for cold day is a bowl of hot noodle soup. Well, actually it's more than just cold day, on any day in fact. ha..ha.. But of course it's always best when it's cold outside. So last Saturday when it was freezing we all lined up at Pho Nguyen to get a table. That's the only time we ever had to wait. I guessed everybody love hot noodle soup on cold day.

I decided on Hu Tieu My Tho and hubby on seafood pho. I'm curious as to the difference between those two. And of course we always like a spring roll (goi cuon) on the side.

Spring roll at Pho Nguyen is actually the biggest we ever had at any pho stores. I think they charged like $4.50 but the spring roll portion is huge. Four full rolls with really decent size prawns. You can see the prawns behind the translucent rice paper wrap. The sauce was also good, thick and not runny with chopped peanuts on top.

It turned out that my hu tieu my tho is almost the same as seafood pho except for slices of pork and a few quail eggs. So hu tieu my tho has prawns, squid, slices of pork, minced pork. While seafood pho has prawns, squid, imitation crab and fish cake.
-Hu tieu my tho-

-Seafood pho with sriracha sauce on top-

- A 'dressed up' hu tieu my tho ready to be slurped-

Pho Nguyen * 275 W Calaveras BlvdMilpitas, CA 95035 * (408) 945-5909