Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sonny's Cafe - San Jose

After a long walk on Sunday, we were craving for bowl of noodle soup. Vowing to always look for a new place to slurp noodle soup, I then went on yelp. The chosen business this time was Sonny's Cafe. We jumped in the car and off we went on our adventure.

The location of the business was in a mall on Cottle Road, sharing space with OSH, Baskin Robbins and other businesses. When we walked in, there was only a table occupied. We were seated immediately and I noticed two tables were not cleared yet. As soon as we placed our order, a family of five came in, followed by a family of three.
Our appetizer, goi cuon (spring roll) came out in like ten minutes. Two decent size roll cut into four pieces with peanut sauce on the side. One bite into it I noticed the roll was cold and the bean sprout looked like frozen. It was quite a cold day but I don't think that was the reason. I think the roll was premade earlier and kept in the refrigerator. The rice paper skin was extra thick and chewy to bite. Not good eats.

Not long then our bowl of noodles came. Mine was combination noodle soup with rice noodle, beef meat ball, bits of chicken meat, imitation crab and two prawns. Too bad the fried garlic they put in the soup was burnt. They should probably leave it out since it was burnt. Most customers would rather not have fried garlic then bitter burnt garlic. I ended removing those garlic anyway. The soup was a bit bland, no MSG.

Hubby's bowl was good 'ol pho with rare meat and meat ball (tai bo vien). Too bad the rare meat wasn't rare at all, it tasted a bit dry. Soup was okay with a stronger smell of star anise. After a while, hubby complaint about the soup being too peppery. It takes about half a bowl before the peppery soup started to built up.

The best part was the meat ball. They tasted like home made, just a bit chewy and not much taste of flour. Very homely taste.

The other table seemed to enjoy their sandwich just fine. From what we heard, the other two tables ordered egg roll for appetizer. I guess their egg rolls were more popular. We should have ordered that. If we ever go back there, we'd probably try the sandwiches instead.

Sonny's Cafe * 5643 Cottle Rd San Jose, CA 95123 * (408) 281-7899