Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tatami sushi and seafood restaurant - Cupertino

Having found out that there is a replacement of Todai in Cupertino.We decided that we needed to give it a try.

When we arrived it was 12:30 on Saturday afternoon. The place was in full swing. There were two parties going on. Looking at the sign posted, I found out that the price of lunch was $14.99. So we waited to be seated.
Having two parties going on, most of the space were taken at each opposite corner. So we were seated in the middle of the room. I almost asked to get another table but decided against it. It's a wise decision afterwards because from where we sat I could see when they refill the food at the hot food section. Wonderful. It gave us a chance to get the food at its fresh condition - which is just after cooked. ha..ha..
As usual, we started from the sushi side. Each of us took a plate filled with sushi roll. Hubby got more sushi on his plate. Looking at the roll I suspected their style is the same as Todai. They probably still employ the same chef. Rolls are big and filling. Rice a bit dry. But I haven't had sushi for a while so I down them and went to get some soup. They had selection of seafood and miso soup. On the way there I saw a new addition that I've never seen at Todai - Sukiyaki. A few patrons were attacking them. I decided I had to give it a try.

These were the dishes we tried.
Sushi/cold dish section :
- Eggplant salad
- Edamame
- Rolls : Philadelphia, California, Tuna/avocado, spicy tuna, etc
- Nigiri sushi : ebi, white fish, octopus, etc
- Spicy crab - blue crab legs with spicy korean sauce

Hot dish section :
- Tempura
- Pork katsu
- Udon noodle soup - customized
- Grilled octopus

New dishes that weren't there during Todai era :
- Customized udon made to order
- Grilled beef - Yummy
- Spicy calamari
- Dimsum - tiny shumai and hargow
- Sukiyaki- Chocolate and white chocolate fondue with banana and marshmallow

I liked the customized udon they offer. There is a selection of vegetables (napa cabbage, bokchoy, spinach), fish cakes, octopus to choose from. Put the stuffs you want in your bowl and give it to the cook behind line and he'll cook it with the udon for you. Get your hot bowl of udon and select your topping : green onion, seaweed or shredded ginger. Sprinkle some fried garlic or hot pepper powder and you are good to go. To make it perfect, get yourself some tempura and you get tempura udon. Yum..yum..

I guess we got lucky to go on the weekend when there were parties going on. Food were gone pretty fast and get refilled pretty quick. Though there were a few occasions when I had to pass by a few empty trays and just had to be happy to know what were supposed to be there. But from where we sat we were fortunate to know when those trays get refilled. :) For a buffet place, I guess busy time will be a good determination of freshly cooked food. I guess next time if we go back I wanted to go on a busy weekend too.

10123 N Wolfe Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014 * (408) 996-3444