Friday, November 27, 2009

Villa 08- Mountain View

When we called for the lunch price, we were told that it's $16.99. By the time we got there, there was a huge sign : Lunch $9.99, Dinner $14.99. When we entered, the lady there asked us in Mandarin how many people. And then when she knew that we understood Mandarin, she explained to us that if we pay cash, it's going to be $15.99 - $1 discount per person. We agreed on that and we were ushered to our seats. She also told us that they had lobster and turkey today. Awesome !

I passed the first station because they look like all salad. And I saw a bunch people were attacking just one particular dish. Intrigued, I went closer to take a look. Apparently they just took out a new batch of lobster. Looking yummy, I jumped in pushed a few people aside and took a few pieces as well. ha..ha..

The hot and sour soup was actually good. Spicy and tangy. Too bad got too much starch.

I like the dimsum station. They just stacked all the bamboo steamers there and let you pick whatever you want. You basically pick up the whole steamer and stack it on your plate to avoid dripping water. The selection was good too. Shumai, chicken feet, tripe, pork ribs, buns, sticky rice, rice in bamboo wrap, etc.

The dimsum tripe was soo good. I love tripe and its texture. But seriously no MSG ?? Come on, that's a bit stretchy there. Yet as soon as I walked in, I saw this big sign. Look below.
Everything was good. And me and hubby were ready to give them like 3 stars. Very bright stars. Until hubby came back with a plate of desserts and we went through each of them one by one. The yellow tiny cake was very sweet and the color was too bright too NOT be artificial. The round shiny bun actually had something that look like charsiu (barbecue pork). Huh ?? I thought that was bad until I tried the egg custard. Wow..first's kinda dry and crispy instead of flaky. But then I swallowed it and I tasted the rancid taste. It's old. Really old.

Ending note : this place is good but stay away from the dessert and you'll be fine.
Villa 08 * 895 Villa StMountain View, CA 94041 * (650) 964-2222