Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Immortals - Evermore

First time I saw this book in Costco and it got me curious. Part of the title said " The Immortals". So not having the continuation of the Twilight series I thought this book could fill in the gap. I'm the cheapo type. I don't buy my book if I could get it from the library. So I did the search and reserve it. While waiting for it, I looked for the reviews on Amazon. It wasn't that good. Most of them mentioned the similarity between The Immortals and The Twilight. That didn't stop me from actually reading it. Because The Twilight series didn't get all 5 stars across the board from the reviewers either. Everybody has their own opinions. Some of them we may not agree at all.

I got my book last Monday and started reading it. The main character is Ever Bloom who is around 17 years old. Her family died in a car accident along with their family dog, Buttercup. She felt guilty because she was convinced that she caused the accident. That the accident won't happen if she didn't whine to her dad to turn around and get her sweater. She then moved to a new school because she had to live with her aunt. One day came a new student, Damen Auguste. Damen can move so fast that it's almost a blur. Hmm..sounds familiar ? Yeah..I couldn't blame the other readers saying there's too much similarity between those two series.

I'm waiting to read the second book. I'm still open to see if for some reason or whatever that might happen in the second book could change my mind at all about this series.