Friday, December 18, 2009

Read this message before you set up your voice mail.

If you were in the same line of work as mine that requires you to call clients. One day, you'd want to slam the phone down and yelled WTF. These are the top three reasons why.

3. You dialed the number and then on the other end somebody said 'hello'. And you said hello, this is so..and so.. from here and there. Guess what...the other end said have reached XXX and we're not home. That is one lousy answering message.

2. You dialed the number and then it sounded like it got through but instead of a voice. You heard a loud music..SO LOUD that you had to take the receiver further from your ear. Waited..and waited..finally five minutes later then it got to the part where you could leave a voice message.

And the top numero UNO.
You dialed and nobody picked up. It got to the voice mail and you got ready to leave a message. But then the message said : sorry, the voice mail is full. WTF. Don't you know that you need to check your messages ?? Don't you know how to delete your messages after you listen to them ? Or don't even bother to set up your voice mail if you're not going to even check it.