Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Changi Budget Terminal

We arrived at the Changi Budget Terminal at 5 in the morning. At one point during the taxi ride, I thought the taxi driver was lost because the road seemed to go nowhere but the police station. At 5 in the morning, the terminal was busy with people. Some travellers slept over night on the floor and some flocked at the McDonald. Yeah..we were worry that there'll be no food services at the terminal that we woke up earlier to make sandwiches.
The terminal itself wasn't as bad as I thought. It may not be as fancy as the main terminals but it's decent. The boarding pass looked more like a receipt from a grocery store. :) But after we passed the immigration point, there were free internet terminals, more food services and Duty Free Shops. The prices at the DFSs was quite decent too. I almost got some souvenirs there but I already had some stuffs in mind that I wanted to get so I held myself in and moved on.
Even though on the e-ticket said that check-in counter opened two hours before the scheduled departure, don't be fooled. That day the counter opened at 5:30, 15 minutes earlier than scheduled. If you only look at the screen to find out the counter number for check-in you wouldn't find it because until 6 am it still didn't show up on the screen. So beware and keep your eyes open.

We walked to the gate and had to walk back to those Duty Free Shops because there were only 3 chairs at the gate. And those chair were already taken. I decided to sit by those shops while Wawa went back to check his emails.

Time came for boarding and we waited in line for like 15 minutes. Yes, the only thing good about the lay out was this space for queing like those in Disneyland snaking in the area that could have been used for more chairs. But again, it's budget terminal. And when it's time, they let us out in the free air to walk to the plane. I mean really walking on the tarmac and climb onto the plane. I wonder how they do it when it's raining. While we were waiting. We saw the pilot and copilot and the air crew. The pilot and copilot were so young that I wonder if they just graduated from school. One of them carried a thick binder. Me and Wawa joked that the book was actually a manual to operate the plane. We made it to Ho Chi Minh City just fine. hehe.