Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jendela Bali - GWK Cultural Park, Bali

The highlight of our third day trip in Bali was the food and the restaurants. Well mostly the restaurants and the food came second.

For lunch we headed to Jendela Bali (which means window of Bali) which was in the cultural park on Bukit Peninsula. In the same development was the on going project of the huge statue of Garuda Wishnu Kencana which is Wishnu on a garuda bird. Wishnu is one of the god from Hindu religion.

Most of the tourists came to this cultural park seemed to be also going to Jendela Bali. They could probably get the complimentary tickets by having lunch at Jendela Bali. I kinda assumed after I looked at the tickets handed to us by our tour guide. There were a few tables occupied by Korean tourists when we were there. Guess what, everybody were practically having the same dishes. Whatever we had on our table, they also had them on theirs. :)

First was vegetable soup. Fried chicken - the best fried chicken, crispy. Fried noodle - not bad. Stir fry mixed veggies with tofu - fulfilled our servings of fiber for the day. Braised tofu with red chillies and onion.

The food maybe three star but view was five star. Our dining room has wooden windows that open to the view of the bay and ocean below. The breeze that came in was nice even though the day was sunny and hot. We enjoyed our lunch accompanied by the gamelan music. Only later on did we find out that there were two men playing live gamelan music downstairs !