Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One Day In Singapore

If we had more time, we would have spent a few more days in Singapore. I just love that city. It's clean, easy to get around and awesome food. But this time we only going to stop by there for 42 hours so we better enjoy every minute of it.

Suffering from jet lag, I woke up early around 6:30 and took a shower. By 8 me and hubby were on the street looking for breakfast. Not too far from our hostel, we found a small 'food court' with a few stalls already opened for business. I'm sure they actually opened early in the morning since all their customers were local going to work or just looking for a place to sit down and enjoy breakfast. I ordered my mee pok (minced pork noodle) and got laksa (curry noodle with seafood) for hubby. A man came asking what we would like for drink, we got 2 can of soy bean drink.

Food were awesome. My mee pok was a bit spicy. Just perfect for the morning. The size was a bit smaller than what we usually see in the restaurant in the States. But that's fine, we could always look for another snacks later on.

Down the road, there was another food court. This one was bigger than the previous one and supposedly open 24 hours. Though I didn't remember seeing it last night when we passed by. We walked in anyway just curious what kind of food were available. The very last stall was selling roti pratha with curry. I 'encouraged' hubby to try. I knew that he wanted though sometimes he wasn't sure. ha..ha..

We then walked back towards our hostel and made phone call outside a 7-11 to my friend Ratna. We were going to have lunch together. I was checking in with her to see where we'd meet later. Got the confirmation and we walked back to our hostel. There was bench at the bus stop in front of the hostel. We sat there and enjoyed the breeze. It was cloudy that day so it wasn't very hot.

Left Suntec in a hurry to go to Vivo City. Last minute, Ratna changed the meeting point to Vivo City. After we met, she suggested The Chicken Rice Shop which is a halal restaurant. The reason she suggested that one was because hubby wanted chicken rice and that was the only place to eat chicken rice in that mall. :) Hubby is a chicken rice addict and he needed a fix badly.
We all ordered chicken rice. Ratna added kue Pai Tee and Ipoh Bean Sprout. I added Sai To fish ball soup. And we all agreed on Penang Rojak. Chicken rice was actually very decent. Even though Ratna kinda suggested that it may not be as nice as the regular non halal one. I don't have as much chicken rice experience, but I think the chicken rice was good. But we all agreed that the Penang rojak was da bomb. Ratna even had another order to take to her office for her coworkers.

After dropping off our suitcase at the airport, we went and met hubby's friend, Patrick for dinner. He steered us to a food court near his residence. He ordered a bunch of seafood dishes for us and his two children. Among the dishes were chilli crab, broccoli scallop, tofu seafood, and fried prawn with mayonaise sauce.

I seriously didn't remember much about the food. I didn't try the crab because I was trying to recover from my cough. But the crab was smaller than usual and the sauce was too much compare to the rest of the crab. Both me and hubby didn't eat that much due to our jet lag.

The Chicken Rice Shop
1 Harborfront Walk
#B2-37 VivoCity, Singapore 6376 9388