Sunday, January 3, 2010

Packing..and packing..

Just a few more working days and we'll be off on our vacation. Hooray !

I started packing a few...*ehem* weeks ago. Yeah..even hubby made fun of me each time he saw me and my suitcase. See...I got very excited when it comes to vacation. As soon as we were done deciding the date, boom..I just had to start packing. Packing is a lengthy process especially when it comes to buying gifts for ten thousand family members. And with my oh so good memory if I don't place the items in the suitcase chances are I won't remember where I put them.

So here was what I did. I took out my suitcase and got it ready. I had a list of gifts that I need to purchase. Each time I got one, I dropped it in the suitcase. When it got quite full then I started arranging them.

Two days ago I declared that I'm done packing it. I zipped up the suitcase and dragged it out to show hubby. But then last night as I called home, parents wanted another bottle of fish oil pill so today I had to unzip my almost broken suitcase and stuffed the bottle in. Zipped it up again and swore that I wasn't going to unzip it again until we reach Singapore. As I tried to remember whether I got all the toiletries, I went inside the bathroom and saw my deodorant. How the hell did it get out again ? I was so sure I put it in just now.

Now I am just hoping that my lovely suitcase will make it to Singapore without breaking in two. I can't quite imagine strangers looking into my really personal belongings. *gulp*