Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunny Buffet - Sunnyvale

Found this place accidentally when we were looking for a new place to check out this weekend. The review on Yelp was 3 star and we wanted to find out ourselves whether it's true.
Location is a bit out of place. Easily missed if we haven't looked it up ahead of time. Even that we were doubtful when we got there. They shared parking lot with Sundowner Inn and entrance from parking lot didn't have any sign whatsover. The only sign that says Sunny Buffet was on Mathilda Ave.

The place looked like it had gone through renovation here and there. But some area still looked a bit worn out from previous establishment. We were seated at a booth that I thought was cushy but turned out to be hard because it lost its padding through the years.

Food was typical Chinese seafood buffet. There was sushi on one side and made to order noodle, etc. If you love seafood, this is the place to visit. Crabs with ginger, snow crab legs, mussel with mayo, prawn with mayo, coconut shrimp, oyster with black bean sauce. Those were just to named a few. These all for just $11.99. We went on Saturday afternoon and were told that that's the weekend price whole day. I don't know how much they usually charge for weekday.

Compare to Villa 08-Mountain View, it has about the same quality of sushi. Villa 08 offers more selection on dimsum. But other than that, they both offer the same quality and selection of hot dishes and seafood. If you like sushi though, Tatami Buffet- Cupertino offers more and better selection.