Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sushi Infinity - San Jose

Found this establishment a few days ago while flipping through Metro newspaper. A made to order all you can eat sushi ?? Wow..not too many around.  Other places for sushi buffet shows reviews that were not too convincing so we haven't tried any yet. For our sushi craving, so far Todai - Cupertino had been able to satisfy us but Todai had been replaced by Tatami which was also okay only.

So taking with us a $4 off coupon from Metro we embarked on our journey to give Sushi Infinity a try. It was located on a of newly built row of stores along The Alameda. The restaurant seems to be pretty new and nicely decorated with two huge mirrors on each side of the wall if you walk in from the front door. The back door opens to the parking lot which wasn't big enough to cater to all the clients of the businesses on that row of stores. But there was a city parking lot adjacent to it or street parking like we did.

Besides the all you can eat, one could also order from regular menu. I like the way they take order for the all you can eat option. The menu was laminated and we were given a dry erase marker. Each person can only order 3 items from the menu each time. Customer mark whatever they want and the chef is going to make those order. Then they'll bring back the menu and if you want a second round just mark a few more again and so on.

For the first plate, we got unagi and scallop from the nigiri style sushi and spicy tuna from the regular roll menu. From the special roll we got Highway, Hot Night and Lady in Red - those were all marked with the 'chili' sign. :) As you can see our first platter was fully occupied compared to the platter after that and after that. Lady in Red was a killer - the sriracha sauce drizzled on top was fiery. But at the end of that plate, we thought all those mayo, sauce, chilli sauce were a bit too salty for our liking. Maybe we should have ordered more from the nigiri style sushi.

Second round came and I was feeling a bit stuffed but was determined to try more. So we got squid, ebi, (more) unagi and fire from the regular roll menu. One bite into the fire roll I thought it was okay. Nothing special. Took another roll and this time I hit the wasabi and the wasabi sauce with sriracha on top. Geez...this is pure torture. So for the next one and next one, I scraped off the sauce and dug out the wasabi from the roll.

To close the day, we decided to try the vegetarian menu. So vegetable tempura and shiitake were the chosen ones. I actually liked shiitake. It got the sweetness that goes well with the sushi rice. The vegetable tempura was a total miss for us. Imagine eating rice with crispy tempura skin and cucumber.

All in all I guess Sushi Infinity is an okay place if you like to eat lots of different kind of sushi. Remember the All You Can Eat is the key word and not the quality or authenticity. It may be a while before we visit them again.

Sushi Infinity
975 The Alameda #80, San Jose, CA   (408) 298-5888