Sunday, April 4, 2010

Isabella's - San Jose

Found this restaurant quite a while ago but haven't worked out enough guts to go check it out. I like to try out new cuisine but hubby was more reluctant when it comes to South American cuisine. He is anti beans ! But finally I was able to drag him there.

It was around 7:30 on Saturday night but there were only three tables occupied. We took a corner one and was given 2 tiny containers with corn kernels and green chilli paste. The corn kernels were huge...fried and lightly salted. It's nice to chew on it while looking at the menu. A man came and told us the specials and offered empanadas for appetizer. I chose beef empanadas to share.

The empanadas came out in a minute, hot enough but not too hot. We cut it open and each took half to taste. That was my first time trying empanadas. It's quite similar to the South East Asian curry puff except for the pastry part which was more doughy instead of flaky. It's good for breakfast. While chewing on our empanada, we ordered our entree. Hubby got bistec a la pobre and I cebiche mixto.

Order came out in like 15 minutes maybe, it didn't feel that long. Mine looked very appetizing, a mountain of thinly sliced red onion on sliced octopus, ring of squid, prawns, mussel, and fish. All seasoned well with combination of lime, chili and other spices. On one side of the platter was a cut of steamed sweet potatoes, very soft and tender. The cebiche also came with deep fried corn kernel on one side and boiled corn kernel on another. I love corn, regular or huge kernel.

Hubby's bistec came decent size. He was worry that it was going to be huge. The steak was thinner than regular but cooked to his liking. Steak came with rice, sunny side up egg, fried plaintain (yum) and beans !!

We both enjoyed what we ordered and total bill was $35 without tips. Hubby actually ordered chicha morada for drink. It's a purple non alcoholic drink made of corn. We'll be back to try other dishes in the future.

700 S Winchester Blvd

San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 248-7378