Monday, May 31, 2010

B & K Asian Kitchen - Fresno

Yay..I was excited for the chance to check out Laotian food. Never had it before so there was no expectation.

The restaurant was pretty easy to find. Though I was expecting it to be part of a strip mall. But it was a stand alone on a gravel parking lot surround it.

When we walked in I was again surprised by the inside. It was low ceiling with empty space in the middle with like six tables on the right hand side of the room and a few more on the left hand side. We were quickly seated even though the waitress was trying to clear a dirty table nearby.

Enough about the establishment. I don't care much for the appearance. It could be served on a hut if the food is good that's all I care. I ordered Kao poun, hubby got phad lad na and we're going to share lop. The lady (owner ?) asked whether we want the lop with beef, chicken or pork. She said it depends on how we liked it. After a few more questions, she finally asked us whether we had it before. And when we said no. She sounded surprised and was probably wondering how the hell we got there.

When my kao poun arrived I was pleasantly surprised. I kinda expected some sort of curry with noodle. But the type of noodle was slightly bigger than I had in mind. One slurp into the curry broth I decided I like this. It's very similar to an Indonesian curry that is usually served with chayote.

Hubby's phad lad na was smaller than expected. It was good but was darker than usual and didn't have the typical smoky flavor that usually comes with stir fry noodle. Nonetheless, he still enjoyed it to the last bite.

The lop was the one dish I have been dying to try ever since I read the review on Yelp. It was a pile of shredded beef on one side and chunks of cut cabbage on the other. If I didn't taste it I would think it's spicy like the typical Thai salad that are served with cabbage. The cabbage serves as a 'cooling' condiment to your burning tongue and mouth. But this lop even though we ordered as spicy wasn't really spicy at all. I guess Laotion food in general are more mild compare to the neighbor Thai. The tripe on the lop wasn't even intimidating at all even to hubby that usually didn't touch tripe. Lop was supposedly served with either rice or sticky rice but we didn't get any of those. It was okay eaten by itself, not too salty.

B & K Asian Kitchen
1276 N 1st Street, Fresno, CA 93703  (559) 237-3918