Sunday, May 16, 2010

Truong Thanh Restaurant - Milpitas

The visit was unplanned. We were going to another restaurant a couple of doors down but turned out that the restaurant wasn't opened for lunch. So we looked around the area and decided on this one after checking out the menu outside.

When we walked in there were two tables occupied. I guess it wasn't really lunch time yet. The other table was just finishing their meal and was about to leave. We were looking at the menu when the young man there brought us our hot tea even before we ordered. Awesome. I decided on #11 hu tieu ba nam sadec (kho). It's a dry rice noodle with jumbo prawn and pork loin with soup on the side. Hubby decided on #17 mi thai dac biet (kho). It's a Thai style yellow noodle with crispy jumbo prawn with soup on the side.

After the young man took our order, he came back a minute later asking us if we would like bean sprout and whether we want it cooked. Sure, cooked it's better with dry noodle. I liked that they actually asked because it would be a waste to just provide the bean sprout and people don't eat them. I've seen so many times at pho joints where plates and plates of bean sprout left untouched.

Finally our order came. They smelled wonderful. Hubby's one had smell of lemon grass, very refreshing. His jumbo prawn was really crispy and went very well with the sauce that covered it. I couldn't quite determined what's in the sauce. It's like a combination of onion, lemon grass and chilli, maybe ? But it wasn't spicy at all. It was just fragrant and tasty. The sauce kinda reminded me of the Singaporean mee pok chilli. Yum..

Mine was almost the similar style but the jumbo prawn wasn't fried and I also had slice of char siu pork. When the bowl came it was covered with minced meat sauce and top of with celery, green onion and prawn. I couldn't see the noodle underneath it. Then slowly I mixed everything together to get the sauce in the noodle. And voila I'm ready to attack. The minced meat sauce was good. It's almost like having rice noodle with bolognese sauce minus the tomato sauce. ha..ha..

When we finally left, the place was almost full. We'll be back to check out other dishes on the menu.

Truong Thanh Restaurant
680 Barber Lane
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 383 0886