Saturday, June 19, 2010


My experience with Filipino cuisine has only gone as far as Jolly Bee. So this weekend, I went further out and check out a local Filipino fast food place. This one is different from Jolly Bee. It's not quite a restaurant but more like a cafeteria style kind of place. There were ready made dishes behind counter and there's option for 2 dishes combo for only $6. That's the one I chose.

We arrived there just almost lunch time and there was a line of two people in front of us. I had no clues whatsover of each of those dishes. So going with the insting, I ordered the same thing the guy in front of me did. It was beef stew and something else that looked like pieces of pork salad with green onion. Hubby thought rice with dishes was too heavy for him so he skipped. I picked up a calamansi drink from the refrigerated area. Total order $8.50.

There were not too many tables around. We picked one near the corner and started disecting our food. By the way, the lady behind the counter offered me soup which I gladly took even though I had no clue what kind of soup it was. My principle when it came to new cuisine is don't ask don't tell. Eat it first and find out about it later.

For the amount of money, it came with a lot of meat. I could eat just the beef stew alone with the rice. But the chopped meat (which later I found out called Kilawin kambing) was a good additional. Hubby ended up sharing with me because I couldn't have finished it alone. The soup was simple cabbage soup with beef stock. Very homely.

The beef stew I was sure was called beef mechado. It's simply beef stew with chunk of beef and carrot. The beef was so tender, it pretty much just fell apart upon touching. But there was nothing quite special about it.

The kilawin kambing though was the highlight of the afternoon. It was smoky (definitely barbecue meat). Chopped in small pieces, mixed with slices of red onion, lemon juice (maybe ?), ginger and topped with green onion. Also I found later that kambing in Tagalog means goat. So it wasn't even pork at all. :)

Another hightlight was the calamansi drink in the pouch. Very smart packaging. Drink it on the spot or cap it back to go. It was sweet and tangy at the same time. Made of 10% calamansi juice.

Most of the orders seemed to be platter to go. We also saw an order of one full barbecued pig. I know where to get my barbecued pig nex time. That's what I called barbecue !

10 S Abbott Ave, Mi;pitas, CA 95035    (408) 678-2149