Saturday, June 5, 2010

San Jose Greek Festival 2010 - San Jose

When : June 4-6 2010
Where : 1260 Davis St, San Jose, CA 95126

For the last couple of years we always received those free tickets to the festival. We never made it there. This year we didn't have any other plan, so we dropped by to check it out.

Admission is $5. But you can download your ticket and print it out at home. Just go to You can also find out the festival hours there. When you get there, at the entrance a program booklet will be handed to you. There is a stage for performances and the hours for those performances were listed in the program booklet.

Just after the entrance, there's a booth to purchase tokens. Most of the booths take token as replacement for cash. We exchanged $20 for a bag of 20 tokens. Then we went to get our food. We stopped by to purchase kalamari (6 tokens) and gyro sandwich (6 token). The kalamari was very tender. Almost didn't taste like kalamari. I presumed it was pre-cooked before fried in batter. The gyro sandwich was pretty good. I never had one before so I couldn't really compare. It was pretty much pita bread sliced of meat, chopped tomatoes and cucumber (mayo?) sauce.

Then we walked around and checked out some pastries and coffee booths. We didn't feel like having anything sweet so we spent the rest of the tokens on a box of take away spanakopita (2 token) and moussaka (6 token). Spanakopita is pastries with feta cheese and spinach filling. While moussaka is the Greek lasagna but instead of pasta, they used eggplant.